Exhibition from March 11 to September 25, 2020

L’îlot-S, 7 esplanade Paul Grimault à Annecy

As Man prepares to walk on the moon, other space conquests are at work at the turn of the sixties to invent the architecture of a new era. The architects Jean-Louis Chanéac, Claude Costy and Pascal Häusermann participate with enthusiasm, around the art and architecture critic Michel Ragon. Attentive observer of the changes in society, he reveals the emergence of a research architecture which he describes as “prospective” in the book Where will we live tomorrow?
Exploring the possibilities, constantly experimenting, these three architects invent a new architectural language with organic forms and a new vocabulary. They express their vision, both pragmatic and fantastic, of the city of the future, of the habitat of tomorrow, and more particularly of the year 2000 which becomes their horizon.

The drawings, plans, sketches and photomontages of these prolific architects, gifted with an incredible stroke of the pencil, are accompanied by archive videos and reconstructions of models specially designed for the exhibition. The scenographic and graphic bias projects us into a revisited space-time.
By presenting these future predecessors, both outdated and terribly current, this exhibition offers us a mirror. And invites us to reconsider tomorrow, today.

Production: CAUE de Haute-Savoie
Partnerships and support: Regional fund of contemporary art Center Val-de-Loire – Kandinsky Library National Museum of Modern Art / Center Pompidou – City of Douvaine – CAUE of Ain, Isère and Rhône Métropole – École nationale supérieure architecture in Grenoble – Fab Lab in the Alps – Federative research structure Territories in networks – National Agency for Research and Technology / Cifre

More info on the exhibition  www.caue74.fr

Opening of the exhibition on March 10, 2020
in the presence of Claude Costy, Nelly Chanéac and Marcel Lachat