AP & RO * # 2 Time Achievements
December 18, 2018 at 6:30 pm – The Îlot-S
* Shared Architecture & Open Search

In the seventies, the Northern Alps were the field of experimentation of prospective architects, in search of new forms of housing and the city of the year 2000. Fifty years later, the architectural objects The result is a heritage on which the CAUE conducts a research work punctuated by friendly meetings around protagonists and privileged witnesses of these iconic achievements.

After having discussed the first experiments of some of these visionary architects during the AP & RO # 1, this second evening will focus on the realization of this prospective parenthesis. We will return to one of the most significant projects of this period of production: the evolving urban ensemble for the city center of Douvaine projected between 1971 and 1978 by Pascal Häusermann, Claude Costy, Jean-Louis Chanéac, and the other members of the Habitat Evolutif association.
To evoke this adventure whose memory is still very alive, the CAUE is pleased to welcome Claude Costy, architect of the Douvaine children’s school, Maïlis Favre, art historian and doctoral student who was passionate for this Prospective epic “, and Rudy Jacquier, president of the Douvainoise Association of Heritage, former student of the Douvaine kindergarten, and artisan of the label” Heritage of the twentieth century “of the existing set. Come share with them your memories, or discover this story on the occasion of this new AP & RO!

The guests:
Claude Costy, architect, graduate of the School of Architecture and Urbanism of Geneva.
Maïlis Favre, art historian, doctoral student at the University of Geneva.
Rudy Jacquier, president of the Douvainoise Association of Heritage.

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photo: the completed children’s school, sans-date, Photograph by Jacques Miguet. J.Miguet fonds, Archives Art and Culture Association of Douvaine

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