• chambres-1 Lit rond - Poteaux - Ouvertures
  • chambres-2 Lit rond - Poteaux - Ouvertures
  • chambres-3 Détail
  • chambres-4 Détail
  • chambres-5 Poteaux - Spots encastrés
  • chambres-6 Détail
  • chambres-7 Décoration porte
  • chambres-8 Décoration porte
  • chambres-9 Lit rond
  • chambres-10 Baie vitrée - Ouverture basculante
  • Chambre des enfants
Upstairs, two bubbles each have a bedroom furnished with round beds. They are lighted by wide bays. One of these jaw-shaped openings is seen to work with a counterweight system. Each resin door is decorated with the embossed face of a member of the family. On the ground floor there is the children’s room with the cave-bunk beds part of the structure. In the room of the parents a colonnade closes a space where is located the round bed topped by a dome of light. Overlooking the outside, an armchair door opens onto a private terrace.