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  • façade-1
  • façade-2 Terrasse et chambre avec baie
  • façade-4 Vue aérienne prise vers 1970
  • façade-3 Vue aérienne prise en 2016
  • façade-10 Façade sur jardin
  • façade-5 Terrasse en porte à faux
  • façade-6 Poteau supportant la terrasse
  • façade-7 Façade sur jardin
  • façade-8 Chambre avec baie vitrée
  • façade-9 Terrasse et balcon
  • façade-11 Terrasse
  • façade-12 Ouvertures et casquettes
  • façade-13 Façade sur jardin
  • Façade sur jardin
  • façade-14 Façade sur rue
  • façade-19
  • façade-15 Chambre sous la neige
  • façade-16 Façade sur jardin sous la neige
  • façade-17 Façade de nuit
  • façade-18 Façade de nuit
Organic architecture is an architectural philosophy that focuses on the harmony between human habitat and the “natural” world by means of a conceptual approach that listens to and integrates with its site, Of its furniture a composition unified and entangled to its environment. The concept of organic architecture was developed by the researches of Frank Lloyd Wright (1868-1959), who considered that a house originated from meeting the needs of people and the spirit of the place, like a living organism . His conviction was that the buildings had a profound influence on the people living there, working there, or even praying there, and for this reason the architect had the capacity to mold men.