• detail int-1 Escalier
  • detail int-2 Fenêtres - Lampe en fer
  • detail int-3 Fenêtre - Détail
  • detail int-4 Poteries
  • detail int-5 Poteries
  • detail int-6 Poteries
  • detail int-7 Porte d'une salle de bains
  • Moulage
  • detail int-8 Porte d'une salle de bains - Détails
  • Porte d'une chambre - Détails
The internal communication doors and the storage doors are made of glass fabric coated with a colored resin stretched over a metallic structure. These translucent doors allow the light to pass. Some are embellished with anatomical bas reliefs.
The shelves are made of red tiled concrete with the same floor tiles.
The stairs are made of concrete. The steps are made of painted cement.
The lamps and lampposts are of iron of recovery.