• a vivre-1 Grande table pour les repas
  • a vivre-2 Porte d'entrée sur jardin - Détail
  • a vivre-3 Escalier - Lampe en fer
  • a vivre-4 Coin cuisine
  • a vivre-5 Voûte - Lampe en fer
Claude Costy tells us:

One wanted to live in curved spaces, not to be constrained by the rectangle, the cube. It is a form of freedom to build like that. You have to love the curves and not like the traditional furniture that does not fit in those houses there.
The corner to live is a good place to explain how one built the house and the separations between the different places to live. It is an entirely open spaces separated only by vaults. At first we had planned posts that were connected by vaults it gives us a rather intimate atmosphere. Here, the only thing that is removable is the table because otherwise we have stone benches. It is the principle of the house to have a maximum of furniture integrated with the structure and architecture of the house.