• terrasse-1 Piscine, cheminées et sortie escalier
  • terrasse-2 Sortie escalier et piscine
  • terrasse-3 Piscine
  • terrasse-4 Piscine
  • terrasse-5 Cheminées
  • terrasse-6 Dôme en polyester
  • terrasse-7 Dôme en polyester
  • terrasse-8 Dôme en polyester
  • terrasse-9 Dôme en polyester
  • terrasse-10 Dôme en polyester
  • terrasse-11 Dôme en polyester détail
  • terrasse-12 Dôme en polyester détail
The upstairs terrace is accessible from the parents’ room by a small spiral staircase leading to the west on a solarium and a swimming pool with a breathtaking view towards the bottom of the valley. The remainder of the planted terrace is bounded on the south side by three fan chimneys and on the north side by a polyester dome covering the pottery workshop. To the east another staircase connects it to the place of life.